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CYPRIOTNESS - A Culinary Exploration of Cypriot Culture

Not just sun and beaches, not just Agia Napa! With the aim of clearing up certain misconceptions about our island in the sun, but also sharing our love for food and the stories behind it,  Carolina Orphanidou and I launched "Cypriotness", a culinary exploration of Cypriot culture.  Since September 2022 we have been organising pop-up dinners and workshops related to Cypriot food culture. Our aim is not only to explore our own culture through this initiative but to also further cultural exchange and awareness about cultural diversity in Switzerland. We're a two-woman team - that means we both do pretty much everything. My focus areas of responsibility include marketing, namely brand design and content creation (all illustrations), most administrative tasks and the planning and realisation of our events.

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My playground from 2021 until the end of 2022 was a former industrial bakery building in the heart of Zurich Binz. DasProvisorium is an association and food innovation hub with the aim to provide sustainable food business with a platform for networking, a co-working space and food production facilities. I was the lead for all administrative and operational tasks, developing a cohesive business strategy, and establishing strong relationships with clients and vendors resulting in increased revenue, visibility and growth for the company. 

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Hotel Frisch - A Pop-Up Hotel in the Swiss Alps

What does one do during the first lockdown of a major global pandemic? That's right, agree to run a pop-up hotel in the Swiss Alps with two friends. In the historic "Corona Summer", we set up a small bed and breakfast hotel with a wine bar in an equally historic house in the village of Riom, Kanton Graubünden. In the premises of the Origen Cultural Festival, we welcome guests from all over the world and served them only regional products from the neighbouring villages as well as carefully selected wines from the whole of Switzerland. My main responsibilities were managing the kitchen and sourcing our products, next to entertaining our guests and running the daily operations. 

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