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I'm back on the market…


…and looking for a position in Zurich or remote, permanent or project-based. Do you have:

  • a project waiting to take off?

  • a team in need of an organizational wizard?

  • structures that need a rethink?

  • a department craving a breath of fresh air?


The Food Universe is where I feel most at home, but I love diving into different worlds with my boundless curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Social responsibility is of great importance to me, as is a fair, open team dynamic. I pride myself with a high level of adaptability, but am just as happy to actively contribute and take initiative. I learn fast, grasping existing processes easily, and like to (if necessary) turn them upside down and inside out. With my diverse experience and background in business administration and hospitality, I excel at building, coordinating, organizing, and conceptualizing.


In a nutshell: Project management, budget and forecasting, process optimization, business plans, or marketing strategies are all terms I'm familiar with. At the same time, I welcome tasks that demand creativity, an eye for design or a keen sense of aesthetics. A jack of all trades, one could say...


I am available as of May and look forward to your message.


Sincerely yet excitedly,


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