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a short guide to cypriotness

a dinner event and cultural deep dive

Our pop up dinner "Cypriotness" is Carolina Orphanidou and my attempt to bring the Cypriot cuisine onto the map of world cuisines, where we believe it belongs and to put emphasis on its unique identity. The flavors are delicious, we are convinced, and the stories often even better. We serve home food classics like "koutsia", next to our refined own interpretation of louvi (black eyed beans) and impress most with our sheep's milk halloumi, which we produce ourselves. Questions about "Cypriotness"? Send them over!

A short description:

For years, we have been answering the same old questions about Cyprus while traveling and living abroad: “No, it’s not part of Greece, yes we speak a different dialect, no, Greeks don’t understand it. No not Cypress, Florida, Yes, Cyprus!”

Join @thecarolinski and me in the upheaval of misconceptions about our little island in the sun. Let us introduce Cypriotness to you, in the best way we know: by gathering around a full table and breaking bread together.

We want to share with you the flavors we miss from home and fill your glasses with the best nectar from our island’s vineyards. A taste of our Cypriotness.

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