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During the dreaded "corona summer", myself and my two "pop-up partners" were able to run a temporary hotel inside a 19th century noble house overlooking the village square of Riom, Graubünden. The ground floor of the house, and square around the fountain were also the premises for our very own wine bar, serving a selection of 100% Swiss wines and small plates made of (super) local products).


Pop-Up Hotel Frisch

Summer 2020

Hotel Frisch

As part of my 'Future of Food Service' course, I was able to take part in a consulting project, aiming to design the foodcourt of the future which would be implemented in the newly built campus of a major Swiss reinsurance company, SwissRe. 

Our concept for this project was a fully self-sustaining ecosystem which would connect all food outlets in an intricate web, as designed in nature. The result was a concept that would be 100% energy efficient, created little or no waste and would allow SwissRe to function as contributing organisms within it.

The SwissRe Ecosystem

For our final year project, my team and I were tasked with the mission of creating a "training program of the future" aimed at independent restaurateurs. Our client for this project was METRO AG, a wholesaler based in Germany and the reason for the commission of the project was the high turnover rate faced by the restaurant industry as a result of the lack of training offered to most restaurant employees.

In response to this, we created  the "MTrainer Program", a mix of digital and in person tools, adapted to a restaurateur's busy schedule and unusual working hours. Get in touch for more information.

We also received a "consulting award" for this project, for its implementability and readiness for the market.

The MTrainer Program - Final Bachelor Project

April - June 2019

MTrainer Program for the future of gastronomy

During my internship at Forward Fooding, I was able to assist in creating a ranking for the sustainability score of the Food Tech 500, the Fortune 500 list of Agrifoodtech businesses. For this sustainability score, the applicant companies were assessed according to the environmental sustainability measures they are taking and the positive impact they can bring to the planet.

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The FoodTech 500
December 2019

Foodtech 500
Short Guide to Cypriotness
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